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Harness the power of your data – actively optimizing and modernizing your operations. Through FactoLyze, understand what variables have the biggest impact on the processes of your business, and use this data to inform decisions – optimizing your operations and get a better understanding of your business. We offer pre-configured, as well as Ad-Hoc reporting of critical parameters like shift, station, or data-wise production, downtime and OEE values.

Primary Features of FactoLyze

01. Standardized Reports: With FactoLyze, you’ll be able to access and implement standardized reports in accordance to industry and IS-95 guidelines.

02. Custom Reporting: Create custom reports that fit your operations & scale – giving you access to the information behind your business.

03. Legacy & Current Data Usage: With FactoLyze, you can process and churn data from any previous state, as long as the data is stored; in addition to real-time data reporting – allowing you to track and observe operational changes & trends over time.

Core Competencies & the Direct Impact we Create

FactoLyze provides advanced analytics & reporting from the data gathered through FactoGrid & FactoNode – seamlessly computing R-based statistical analysis for regression models – providing statistical analysis with focused details on your operational productivity and status. 
Whether on a small or large scale, we are able to process & analyze the data behind your operations so you can focus on making high-level decisions – saving time, money & increasing operational efficiency.
FactoLyze works hand in hand with other FactoTools to handle the workload of massive datasets. We cut down the time to process & analyze your data, enabling you to make better decisions, and have a better grasp of exactly how things are running.

Efficient Use & Processing of Big Data

Through integrating effective engines, FactoLyze processes large data sets with:
  • ElasticSearch
    • Provides speed and scalability, key to large operations with many moving parts. 
  • Apache Spark 
    • Batch & stream processing to more efficiently handle large data sets.
  • Time Series Database
    • Optimize for time with high-speed data logging.
  • Graph Database
    • Processes & manages interconnectivity of all of your systems, bringing the power of IoT to you. 

Operational Data Reporting at the Highest Level

Our expert team of consultants and proprietary tools enable your business to collect and analyze current and historical data. Our FactoTools break this data down, providing key insights of your business. Whether it’s on a small scale, or dealing with big-data on a multi-plant scale, we digest the data and present it through intuitive dashboards and reports built for you – giving you an in-depth oversight of your operations. 

Our solutions are flexible – we can design web based or mobile solutions to fit your needs – giving you access anytime, anywhere. 

A Trusted, Reliable Partner to Support Ops

Optebiz is an ISA-95 certified company for enterprise automation. We are also a preferred partner of Inductive Automation for consulting and implementation of Ignition based solutions across diverse manufacturing industries. With a comprehensive implementation and support experience of over 20 years,  we build customized, reliable solutions for all of your MES tracking and reporting needs.

We’re here for you every step of the way. Contact us to get started!

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