FactoCloud Connect

The Physical Connection Between Machine & Data

Real-time data is related to cloud or local platforms, transitioning your manual or semi-automatic processes to total automation with remote capabilities. 

Primary Features of FactoCloud Connect

We’re here to engineer a custom solution for you – or if you have existing MES/Data-Tracking, address the gaps present to optimize your operations.

01. Flexibility: FactoCloud Connect allows you to gather, collect and utilize data across a variety of database platforms, such as Kafka & EventHub.

02. Easy Integration: We’ll work with you to ensure ease of use and transition your data into one, easy-to-access place.

Additional Features & Technology

FactoCloud Connect offers an intuitive dashboard to the users for accessing their data from multiple databases across multiple platforms. This enables you to have easy access to the data behind your operation, regardless of where and how it is hosted or kept.

Data Management & Organization at the Highest Level

Our expert team of consultants and proprietary tools enable your business to collect and analyze current and historical data. Our FactoTools break this data down, providing key insights of your business. Whether it’s on a small scale, or dealing with big-data on a multi-plant scale, we digest the data and present it through intuitive dashboards and reports built for you – giving you an in-depth oversight of your operations. 

Our solutions are flexible – we can design web based or mobile solutions to fit your needs – giving you access anytime, anywhere. 

A Trusted, Reliable Partner to Support Ops

Optebiz is an ISA-95 certified company for enterprise automation. We are also a preferred partner of Inductive Automation for consulting and implementation of Ignition based solutions across diverse manufacturing industries. With a comprehensive implementation and support experience of over 20 years,  we build customized, reliable solutions for all of your MES tracking and reporting needs.

We’re here for you every step of the way. Contact us to get started!

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