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We collect data from any operational systems, store in our industry-standard data models including ISA-95, analyze the data, and optimize operations using our proprietary algorithms.Take advantage of faster lead times and cycle times, increased asset uptime, and improve your overall performance quality.

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  • With two offices across two countries, our management team has over ten years of experts in building operational intelligence to make informed decision in business and manufacturing operations.
  • We are subject-matter experts in the fields of MES and enterprise system integration, including International Society of Automation (ISA) 95 Standards.

OpteBiz Delivers

We build cutting edge Industrial IoT, BigData, & Machine Learning solutions. Get Your Company Ready for Industry 4.0

  • Save time – OpteBiz helps you decrease production lead time. Save time in data collection, analysis and retrieval with automated data acquisition (DAQ) devices. OpteBiz software solutions offer intelligence to optimize delivery operation, speeding processes. Product cycle time is minimized through real-time data and data analysis that alerts to problems quickly. Problems can even be predicted and addressed proactively as a result of machine learning functions.

  • Reduce Costs – The bottom-line matters. OpteBiz provides low-cost solutions that optimizes profitability. When you reduce operational costs, net present value (NPV) increases. With our MES solutions, reduce operational, infrastructure, material and labor costs. Our OI solutions protect your profits through deliberate and impactful data-driven decisions.

  • Minimize Downtime, Increase Uptime – With OpteBiz’s Facto Solutions, you can monitor data to minimize downtime of machinery. Monitoring the machinery’s operations can keep it in better condition, enhancing its longevity. In addition the cycle time of the machine’s task can be optimized with advanced analytics that will pinpoint variables with the most impact on productivity.

  • Improve Product QualityReal-time data provides insight into operational processes. Facto Solutions provides operational tracking with alert capabilities. When processes meet an error or machinery fails, you are notified to quickly resolve the situation. Predictive analysis and machine learning can even prevent defects and provide intelligence in improving processes to improve product quality.

OpteBiz integrates total automation and operational intelligence (OI) solutions, speeding delivery time and reducing operational costs.

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