Make Data Driven Decisions Without The Headache

FactoLyze provides advanced analytics, saving you time in understanding and interpreting your data. FactoLyze uses the data collected through FactoGrid and seamlessly computes R-based statistical analysis for regression models. Statistical analysis can provide you with focused details on operational productivity.

  • By using historical data, regression analysis is completed for you. Big data becomes useable and accessible through R-based statistical analysis. FactoLyze processes data quickly and analyzes its interconnectivity. You can use the information to identify patterns. The statistical analysis can also be used for mathematical and informed predictions.
  • Presented with how variables influence each other, you will determine which variables matter most to your operations and which can be ignored. With FactoLyze, your decisions can be driven by data that is analyzed with ease.

Large Datasets Are Processed For You

FactoLyze performs statistical analysis quickly on large datasets. You save time sorting through data. You can focus your energy on making high-level decisions to advance your operations.

FactoLyze incorporates tools to handle the workload of massive datasets. Large datasets can be time-consuming to download and process. With this Facto solution, time and energy are saved with data processing frameworks. Through integrating effective engines, FactoLyze processes large data sets with:

  • Speed and scalability using Elasticsearch
  • Batch processing and stream processing using Apache Spark
  • High-speed data logging using Timeseries Database
  • Processed interconnectivity of systems using Graph Database

Piece It Together

FactoLyze analyzes data to predict outcomes with confidence. When that information is partnered with FactoLearn, your systems are able to learn. Together, the systems use information and adapt without the need of being directly programmed. 

Take The Hassle Out Of Your Data

With FactoLyze, operational intelligence (OI) integrates complex data bases with statistical analysis to support smart decision-making. 

OpteBiz integrates total automation and operational intelligence (OI) solutions, speeding delivery time and reducing operational costs.

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