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Manufacturing Execution Systems is our primary focus area and we have provided highly complex, multi-plant systems to clients around the world. These solutions improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, improve quality, reduce cycle times and lead times, and improve customer satisfaction. This is the overall flow. Data Collection, Storage, Analyze & Predict to save time and money. Every part of the flow will be linked to that particular product section.

Facto Node


  • Different roles of users for Supervisor PLC (supervisors, operators, managers)
  • Localized Dashboards
  • Visualization of the overall process
  • Alarms and Alerts Capabilities
  • Built-in reporting system
  • Different controls for different roles of users
Facto Grid


  • Store, aggregate, and manage different streams of data using MQTT Broker technology
  • Managing hierarchies and interconnectivities of the overall solution
  • Data visualization across multiple plants
Facto Lyze & Learn


  • High speed data logging using Timeseries Database
  • Looking at interconnectivity of systems using Graph
  • Store, analyze, and report using SQL
  • High Speed Search using Elastic Search
  • Process huge amounts of data using Apache Spark
  • Use our in-house machine learning to analyze and predict operations

OpteBiz integrates total automation and operational intelligence (OI) solutions, speeding delivery time and reducing operational costs.

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