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See what impact we create on businesses across diverse industries and scale – globally

Serving clients around the world, we provide cost-effective solutions in diverse industries – from energy to manufacturing to utilities. Each client is provided a customized connectivity package that builds operational intelligence to make superior data-driven decisions – all presented and delivered in an easy to use dashboard (MES).

Case Study 1

A Data & Tracking Solution for Large-Scale Operation.

Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant

01. Management & Organization of Billions of Data Sets.

02. Collection of Intuitive Dashboards to Stay Updated.

03. In-Depth Analysis to Optimize their Operations.

Case Study 2

Executed on saving their bottom line – through more effectively utilizing their machines.

Water Treatment Plant

01. Utilizing Multiple Facto-Tools.

02. Utilizing Our Tech to Reduce Manual Labor.

03. A 25% Reduction in Manual Labor Costs.

Case Study 3

Procuring a cost-effective, result driven data-solution.

Door Production

01. Removed the Need for Manual Orders.

02. Organized the Intake of Processing of Data.

03. Real-Time Monitoring to Provide Accurate Insights.

Case Study 4

Implementing a large-scale, multi-plant solution; and managing big-data sets.

Paper Production Plant

01. Converted Manual to Automatic Tracking.

02. Real-Time Monitoring for Accurate Insights.

03. Ignition SCADA Based Solution.

We help optimize your business.

Through our Facto-Tools and expertise, we’re here to make an impact on your bottom line. By providing access and utilization of your data, we help optimize your business for the future.

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