Slide We Are the Future of Operations Optebiz is here to modernize your business. Simply
put, we collect, understand & utilize your data from
your industrial processes to optimize and maximize
your operations.
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Simply put, we help businesses…

01. Collect Data

Through FactoNode, we help companies collect data from different machines & systems, allowing them to understand and analyze their performance on a deeper level.

02. Understand your Data

Through FactoMES, we securely store your data with industry-standard protocols, and through our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) we provide a simple, clean dashboard to better grasp what’s going on in your business.

03. Utilize your Data

Through FactoLyze & FactoStat, we leverage extensive analytics to understand the inner workings of your operation. By analyzing key trends and statistical data, we help businesses run more efficiently and with fewer errors. 

Our Facto-Tools are the ways we connect to your machines & processes, and collect, manage & analyze the data to optimize your business.

Serving clients around the globe, across diverse industries.

Our Process

Our Expertise

Certified by Inductive Automation®, Implementing Standardized & Custom Solutions.

Optebiz is a Certified Integrator of Ignition. Our status ensures you are working with experts who can understand the fundamentals of your business, and effectively apply Ignition-based solutions to fit what you need. 
We have worked in manufacturing, energy, and utility industries, giving us the experience to build custom solutions for your operation, big or small. We maintain our certification for the latest software of Ignition.

Our Impact


Improve Product Quality


Increase Delivery Operation Speed


Reduce Operational Costs


Reduce Total Operational Downtime

Our Toolkit

Through our Facto-Tools, we enable companies to access the data behind every aspect of their operations processes. We implement systems to collect, store & analyze your data – optimizing your business through an integrated, dynamic solution that’s built for your needs.
Click each Facto-Tool to learn more!


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