Case 3: Door Production

Large-Scale Performance Tracking & Integration

A US-based manufacturing company was making a move to become paperless. Within their system, schedules are created in the ERP system by aligning work orders based on their priority. Plant personnel view the orders and execute them sequentially – this was an ineffective process for time and money, and they needed a solution to help directly address this issue. 

Old Processes & Issues They Faced 

Before starting a new work order, many setup parameters needed to be entered manually onto the machine. This is not only time-consuming but information may be spread across multiple papers leading to misinterpretations.
Ignition was used as the SCADA to take care of all the above requirements. It was optimized to work in sync with priority production processes.

Facto-Tools We Implemented

Main Issues Addressed.

01. Real-Time Monitoring: An MES application was designed & developed using Ignition for real-time production monitoring. Ignition was used as the SCADA to take care of all the above requirements and work in sync with the individual, real-time production processes.

03. Manual Processes: Through our Facto-Tools, we were able to completely shift the company to a paperless environment, increasing efficiency and ease of use throughout the facilities.

Primary Features of Our Solution.

  • Receive daily schedule from ERP and display at designated HMIs for viewing and adjustments.
  • Scope should be available to give an alert on receipt of new schedule from ERP along with their priorities as 1, 2 or 4, update HMIs with the status and progress of the work order execution.
  • Along with the schedule, ERP also sends bills of material (BOM) and job setup parameters (JSP).
  • Refresh HMIs with BOM and JSPs where ever required by synchronization of JSPs to PLCs whenever a new Job is detected.
  • As each door moves from one machine to another, in a line, capture all the PIs from PLC for complete material tracking and production status.
  • Scope should be available to partially produce a Work Order in case of lack of material and re-execute the same at a later date and time.

A Data-Driven Solution to Impact their Bottom Line. 

Ignition was used as the SCADA to take care of all the above requirements. It was optimized to work in sync with priority production processes. Its off-the-shelf database connectivity has helped in making a user-friendly UI with increased efficiency in terms of performance and look and feel. All three production lines were running in a very short span of about 4 months, meeting all the above requirements with great satisfaction of the client. Another project was also awarded based on our efficient project execution and support.
OpteBiz helped the client achieve a 5 % reduction in downtime, 30% reduction in labor costs related to data entry, and 2% increased efficiency throughout which resulted in huge savings in paper reduction which is better for the environment, and increased flexibility due to paperless environment.

Reduction in total Downtime.


Reduction in labor costs due to data-entry.


Increase in Efficiency Throughout.

The Optebiz Advantage.

Our expert team of consultants and proprietary tools enable your business to collect and analyze current and historical data. Our FactoTools break this data down, providing key insights of your business. Whether it’s on a small scale, or dealing with big-data on a multi-plant scale, we digest the data and present it through intuitive dashboards and reports built for you – giving you an in-depth oversight of your operations. 

Our solutions are flexible – we can design web based or mobile solutions to fit your needs – giving you access anytime, anywhere. 

A Trusted, Reliable Partner to Support Ops

Optebiz is an ISA-95 certified company for enterprise automation. We are also a preferred partner of Inductive Automation for consulting and implementation of Ignition based solutions across diverse manufacturing industries. With a comprehensive implementation and support experience of over 20 years,  we build customized, reliable solutions for all of your MES tracking and reporting needs.

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