Case 2: Water Treatment Plant

Automating Monitoring & Standard Processes

We worked with a water treatment facility to help optimize and maximize their operations across their facilities. Before our Facto-Tools, Employees were required 24/7 to monitor a clean water tank pumping station and document approximate usage. With automation, manual monitoring was eliminated and data was standardized.

Old Processes & Issues They Faced 

OpteBiz was entrusted to automate a small area in the clean water tank pumping station on a pilot basis to evaluate the benefits of automation.
The client’s manually operated water treatment plant has a capacity of 66 million liters a day.
This plant has 6 essential functions:
  • Raw water coming in from the canal.
  • This raw water is pumped from the canal and stored in huge open raw water tanks.
  • The raw water then moves into the water treatment plant.
  • The plants make potable water by purifying through necessary filtration, mixing chlorine, alum, etc.
  • Purified water is then pumped and sent to closed clean water tanks.
  • The clean water is then sent to different pumping stations in the city.
The person operating the pumping station manually recorded power consumption in a book daily, & there was no mechanism to monitor low voltage. With a capacity of 66 million gallons per day, they needed an Industrial IOT solution built around them, to help automate processes, and extensively track the data behind it.

Facto-Tools We Implemented

Main Issues Addressed.

01. Automation: Transforming manual processes to automated ones – everything from the actual pumps to tracking the voltage and other key data to keep operations running smoothly.

02. Scheduled Processes: The pumps were programmed with a schedule to operate out of turn for 24 hours, therefore eliminating the need for constant monitoring. The automation eliminates the risk of the pump running without water in the tank, thereby improving the life of the motor and reducing power consumption.

03. Data-Tracking: Logs are generated automatically and can be printed out as daily reports to view performance reports by each motor.

Primary Features of Our Solution.

Setting up a centralized monitoring station, OpteBiz used a SCADA system with Ignition to deliver their Facto-Node and Facto-MES solutions at the clean water tank and automated the process at the clean water tank pumping station.
The clean water tank pumping station is now fully automated without any manual/human intervention. Necessary PLCs, sensors, and equipment have been installed and integrated with the Ignition SCADA for automation.

A Data-Driven Solution to Impact their Bottom Line. 

Optebiz is a Certified Integrator of Ignition. Our status ensures you are working with experts who can understand the fundamentals of your business, and effectively apply Ignition-based solutions to fit what you need. 
We have worked in manufacturing, energy, and utility industries, giving us the experience to build custom solutions for your operation, big or small. We maintain our certification for the latest software of Ignition.

Reduction in labor cost related to starting and stopping of pumps in remote areas, real-time information about performance, and rapid response.


Hour Monitoring, Around the Clock to Keep this Plant in Check.

The Optebiz Advantage.

  1. Centralized monitoring of motor status on/off/trip, run time duration, Schedule, Voltage, Current, Energy consumption, Alarm (overload/under voltage/over voltage/fail to start/stop) and motor voltage and Current trends.
  2. Centralized monitoring of the clean water tank level and alarms (Low-Low, Low, High and High-High).
  3. Automatic report generation after a particular interval of time for power consumption for motor, trip and alarm reports.
  4. Information status of the clean water tank on real-time basis at any given time.
  5. Centralized configuration for Clean Water Tank alarms, motor alarms, and motor schedule etc.
  6. Manpower costs.
  7. Ease of Operations.
  8. Increase of life span for motor pumps.
  9. Reduction in consumption of power.
  10. Accurate information & consistency in operations of the clean water tank pumping station.

A Trusted, Reliable Partner to Support Ops

Optebiz is an ISA-95 certified company for enterprise automation. We are also a preferred partner of Inductive Automation for consulting and implementation of Ignition based solutions across diverse manufacturing industries. With a comprehensive implementation and support experience of over 20 years,  we build customized, reliable solutions for all of your MES tracking and reporting needs.

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